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  • Amy Marcelli

I'm not sure if this project will ever be done but I'm okay with that. It's been so fun brining life back to this old trailer and give it some much needed love. I couldn't wait to share what the renovation looks like so far. I get so many questions on what how we renovated our Boler so I thought I would layout everything we did in once place. We still need to do some plumbing and electrical work but the main things are complete!

Electrical: We had an electrician clean up the existing wiring and install the new light fixtures and Fantastic Fan (I linked the fan below that we used.) For the Fantastic Fan we trimmed it out in MDF which is how we affixed it to the ceiling. We plan on eventually adding solar to the trailer.

Flooring: We went with real hardwood floors which I'm obsessed with. We have the same flooring in our house and it's a rustic hickory in a natural finish. It really warms up the space and feels so organic and cozy. We used thin pieces of mahogany as the subfloor and glued the engineered hardwood to it.

Interior Paint: I dedicated an entire post on how I painted my can view it here.

Backsplash: Against popular option we went with a real tile backsplash. I didn't want it to look fake and cheap and I love these tiles from Tilemaster. Again, we used a thin piece of mahogany and installed them like normal. We kept the electrical pole in front of the backsplash to help keep it in place and then command striped it in case we have issues down the road it will be easy to remove. So far we haven't had any problems and fingers crossed they will stay in place. I will keep you updated on how the wear.

Table: For the table I did a concrete feather finish to the existing Boler table. It turned out really good, stay tuned for a tutorial post on how I did this.

Countertop: We made the countertop form two large pieces of white pine.

Sink & Faucet: Are original! I couldn't get rid of the original hand pump, it works really well and is so simple to use. Eventually we will likely upgrade it but for now it's fine.

Appliances: The Coleman cooktop is original and looks like it has never been used, I couldn't get over how great of shape it is in. The Frigidaire Refrigerator, I get so many questions about it. It's super cute, fits well in the space and so far works great. The downside It's not very high quality, you can't adjust the temperature and I don't think that it is the most energy efficient option out there. I linked the one I have below.

Cushions: They aren't original but came with the Boler, they are in good shape so i'm keeping them for now but will eventually redo them in something more neutral.

Drapes: Tutorial coming soon!

Decor: The decor is ever changing but I have listed links to most of it below!

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