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  • Amy Marcelli

I’m so excited to finally share our new home on wheels, and the official @beckandcallco summer office! Say hello to #birdeetheboler! I’ve been convicted lately to stop saying “some day” and instead take action! This has been a dream of mine for years, and I’m so grateful to finally make it a reality. She will undergo some restorations over the winter months and will be ready to hit the road next spring! Birdee will be our home away from home while travelling from one race track to the next during the east coast portion of Kyle's schedule. If you love vintage trailers as much as I do and want to follow along with her renovations, I have made a specific instagram account @birdeetheboler.

What is a "Boler" you might ask... Keep scrolling to learn more about these vintage trailers and the plans for ours!


The original Canadian built Boler molded fibreglass trailer was introduced in 1968... Made by joining two molded fibreglass halves (top and bottom) created a water tight and extremely durable shell. Inside is cozy, yet comfortable. It includes a stove, fridge or ice box and a sink with hand pump.


We looked at five different Bolers that were for sale in Ontario over about a six-week period. The owner had put it up for sale but then took it off the market because he decided to keep her. He was very kind and allowed us to still come look at it even though he was pretty set on keeping her. After some negotiations, he decided to sell her to us with the exception that he could take her for one more camping trip before we took her home. After he committed to selling her to us (but before we picked her up) he said that two different people knocked on his door asking if she was for sale. Funny how things work out, and I defiantly think we got lucky!

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